Cagayan Valley Cattle Artificial Insemination Research and Training Center

The University continues to pursue knowledge-based and product development as a result of research and breakthroughs in science and technology, engineering, agriculture, ecology, culture, and the arts for environmental protection, progressive industry, human development, and sustainable living.

TThe University, through the Cagayan Valley Cattle Artificial Insemination Research and Training Center, signed an agreement with CHED on the program titled:’’ Development of Sustainable Livestock-based Rural Enterprises in Cagayan valley: A CHED-ISU-SLGU-Industry Partnership in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Development”. CHED grants ten million pesos to the university to promote and uplift the quality of HEIs offering agriculture and fisheries in the country.

TThe Center also signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the National Dairy Authority (NDA). The agreement covers the joint undertaking between ISU and NTA for the establishment, operation, and services to be offered by the National Dairy Cattle Breeding and Artificial Insemination Center. The NDBAIC and other facilities must be built and established on at least 10,000 square meters of land within the University’s boundaries. 

TThe University’s Artificial Insemination (AI) Center and Cacao Processing Center have partnered with the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) for the acquisition of modern laboratory equipment and for the construction and renovation of research facilities. The two centers were funded by BAR through its Institutional Development Grant (IDG), one of the programs of the bureau that strengthens the R&D capabilities of research-implementing institutions by providing funding support. 

TThe Artificial Insemination Center aims to enhance the quality of beef and cattle products produced in the Cagayan Valley, which produces an average of 184,000 cattle per year. The Cacao Processing Center, on the other hand, will help improve the value chain of cacao products made in Isabela and help them reach more markets in the nearby areas.


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